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Arrogant tower Hero tutorial

Hero tutorial Classes tutorial Races tutorial

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Posted 14 December 2016 - 10:12 AM

My first party dungeon adventure with players on Easy mode.
There are three difficulties, playing on the lowest first time. This dungeon supports up to 4 players.

Hero unlocked for quests. 1 Hero active other basic attack.

Arrogant tower controls fours units. You can use 1 player and 3 AI, but use F1, F2, F3, F4, to switch and control AI players.
Use the TAB key to control AI peace or combat.The 3 AI skill in combat status is automatic. AI Peace status "green"
AI combat status "Red"

Arrogant tower needs one ticket. Tickets can be obtained at 2 midnight each day and purchased from Arrogant tower lobby NPC.
Press T to set the four characters and then enter the Arrogant tower. I entered now is difficult on the 8th floor.

The "protection of the death " penalty 1 per second. When it reaches zero, it leaves the Arrogant tower.
After clearing, "Protection of the death" is not consumed. So you can do HP recovery or other activities.

If you kill Arrogant tower monster, you drop a "Protection of the death" with a low probability. Charge 30 to 1

Progress can be confirmed in quest window. There are five ways to clear. "Guardian kill" Curse stone destruction, monster kill,
Activate summoned stone and kill defenders monster wave and guardian kill" Check one way to enter floor.

Switch to heal using F4 key for HP recovery, HP recovery scene.

When you clear Adena and receive a medal as compesation. Weapons , Armor, Jewelry, purchasing PNC and next floor portal are created.

Click on the portal to view the next floor information. "Recommended level, monters features, clear conditions, first clear compesation"


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